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Who we are and what we do


Kyokushin Karate Colorado is a contemporary dojo with a traditional feel that offers its members connection and training in Kyokushin Karate, a style of karate renowned throughout the world for the toughness of its training and its karateka.  We offer intense, hard-hitting budō training that is in keeping of Sosai Mas Oyama's teachings, coupled with the comradery that is forged from such training.

We tailor each of our training sessions to meet the needs of our members, such as strengthening of base technique (kihon), tournament preparation, strength and cardio training, mental conditioning, sports enrichment, etc.

Our karateka (practitioner of karate) train classical forms and philosophy, effective fighting technique, weaponry, and practical self-defense.  If you are interested in competing, we offer the opportunity for you to earn a position on our tournament team.

Developing a true sense of confidence, accomplishment, and capability in our members is our number one goal.

The dojo and its members are affiliates of the  World Karate Organization (WKO) Shinkyokushinkai under the watchful eye of Sensei Luis Torregrosa.  Sensei Torregrosa is the WKO Branch Chief and Country Representative for the United States.  He has over 45 years of Kyokushin experience and is Sensei to the Las Vegas and Colorado Springs dojos. 

Kyokushin Karate Colorado also provides a home for members that are not necessarily interested in an in-depth study of a martial art such as Kyokushin, but appreciate the remarkable physical and mental conditioning that the training has to offer.   Our Fitness Members train alongside our dojo members for the strength, cardio, and flexibility portions of a training session, and then breakoff to perform more individually focused exercises.

Is Fitness Member more your style?  Click HERE to learn more!

Veteran Owned and Operated

Kyokushin Karate Colorado is a veteran owned and operated organization and very proud of it.  For all military Active Duty and Veteran, and first-responders such as Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and EMTs that receive an offer to join us, we waive our registration fee.



Our members that are

Active Duty, Prior Service

or, the spouse or child of a veteran

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Please contact us for further information on Shinkyokushin and how to join us.

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