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Benefits of Karate

Benefits Gained From a Budō Karate such as Kyokushin-kan






The budō or martial ways, in contrast to bujutsu, are less concerned with practical and realistic application of techniques in the modern age, but much more focused on the perfection of the moral fiber of the individual budō student.  In essence, the goal is to translate what the student learns in the dojo and apply it to everyday life.

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Improve alertness

Improve memory

Improve reflexes

Develop self-awareness

Improve self-confidence

Calm the mind

Find focus and stillness

Develop mental toughness - grit

Improve listening skills


Loose weight

Reduce stress

Develop power

Improve coordination

Improve flexibility

Improve strength

Improve stamina

Develop balance and posture

Improve overall health


Promote positive attitude

Promote respect

Develop strong character

Develop self-discipline

Develop intestinal fortitude - that Never Give Up attitude

Develop leadership skills

Become Slow to Anger

Promote personal responsibility

Develop positive social interaction