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Answers to all your questions

How do you pronounce Kyokushin?

The pronunciation is Key-yo-ku-shin

It means The Ultimate Truth.

At K2C we study and live Kyokushin-kan Karate, a style that is rooted in Kyokushin, but split from the original organization Kyokushinkaikan due to a difference in opinion.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more about why the split and Kyokushin-kan's mission to DEFEND, REVITALIZE, and ADVANCE the teaching of Kyokushin’s founder, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.

Is Sensei the real deal?

Most definitely!  It’s rare to come across a karateka that pours so much of themselves into the art and sport of karate like Sensei.  Sensei truly lives and breathes Kyokushin-kan Karate.  Additionally, Sensei is led and supported by Shihan Tom Callahan, an amazing martial artist who lives just up the road in Boulder.  Shihan Tom is an amazing asset to K2C as he keeps us informed on anything Kyokushin-kan related and ensures that Sensei's skills are contemporary.  Shihan Tom is Kyokushin-kan's International Secretary and Chairman of the USA.

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Who should learn Kyokushin-kan Karate?

In our humble opinion… everyone.  At K2C our students are men, women, and children ranging from ages 4 to over 60.  Many of our students were once parents that signed their children up thinking they would get an hour or two to themselves… wrong!  Soon enough they all fell in love with the Kyokushin spirit and our Sensei that pushes them to be more and do more.

Are you a belt factory (i.e. McDojo)?

Absolutely not! Unlike some martial art schools, practitioners of Kyokushin-kan Karate earn their belts as a result of dedication and hard work, not from simply paying and showing up to train every so often.  Students test only when Sensei says they are ready.  Rest assured though, it will take time and effort to work through the ranks, but you will know what you’re doing and you will be better because of it.  There are no “K-mart Black Belts” in Kyokushin.

Unsure of how to spot a McDojo?  Click Here and let Jesse Enkamp enlighten you.  

A great, but sad depiction of how society is today. 

Don't know who to give credit to for the cartoon, but its great.

Unfortunately, there are many more people that just want the title of Black Belt than there are individuals who are willing to work hard to earn it.  Those who study Kyokushin-kan Karate separate themselves from other martial artists as it takes a level of commitment and perseverance that other styles do not require.  If you are simply looking to be a black belt, join a Taekwondo or Kempo school, they’ll be more than willing to take your money.

Is Kyokushin-kan Karate hard?

Absolutely.  It will definitely challenge you physically and mentally.  Let’s be honest though… would you want it any other way?  Do you really want to spend your hard earned money learning something easy and unfulfilling or something that could literally change your being?


"Subjecting yourself to vigorous training is more for the sake of forging a resolute spirit that can vanquish the self than it is for developing a strong body."

~ Sosai Mas Oyama

Is my child too young to start Karate?

At K2C we believe age 4 is the youngest suitable age for starting to learn karate, as children younger than this haven’t yet developed the necessary focus and self-control required for full class participation.

Am I too old to start Karate?

We once thought age 50 was the upper limit to begin Karate, especially a full contact karate like Kyokushin.  That opinion has now significantly changed as we have a member that's over 60!  Maybe 60 is the new 30?

Can Kyokushin help me with my MMA goals?

Most Definitely!  Throughout the relatively short history of MMA, there have been many fighters that have studied and incorporated Kyokushin Karate into their stand-up game.  The power and technique of Kyokushin fits very nicely into MMA.  Use the link below to learn more about some of the MMA fighters that have been highly successful over the years by employing Kyokushin Karate.

I'm a black belt in another style, can I keep my rank?

Unfortunately, No.  Regardless of your skill and ranking in a different martial art, you will start as a White Belt (MuKyu).  A belt symbolizes your stages of growth and skill level within a particular martial art.  Since kicks, punches, blocks, kata, and testing all vary style to style, often greatly, it would not be an accurate representation of your skill if belts simply transferred between styles.  Besides, as the great Mr. Miyagi once said …. “belt mean no need rope to hold up pants.”

Do you learn weapons in Kyokushin-kan?

Yes, weapon training (Buki Jutsu), is part of the Kyokushin-kan curriculum.  You will learn Bo Staff, Sai, Tonfa, and Nunchaku.

A Taekwondo place said I can have my black belt in 2 years, how long will it take me in Kyokushin-kan?

As the saying goes …

"Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well."

~ Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

Earning your Shodan (1st degree black) within Kyokushin-kan is an extremely worthy and honorable goal.  If you have the drive, commitment, and perseverance then accomplishing your goal in 6 years would be admirable.  Those without prior martial arts experience should expect at least 5 to 6 years of consistent training and testing before you’ve earned the right to test for Shodan.

Keep in mind, earning a black belt in a martial art is (should be) a very rare thing as it takes a special person that’s dedicated to studying and mastering Budo (the “Martial Way”).   Nevertheless, even if your goals do not include earning a black belt, we promise you that as long as you train hard and commit to studying, your Kyokushin-kan journey will result in a physical, mental, and spiritual toughness that no other martial art can help you obtain.

Be sure to learn how to spot a McDojo by click here.  Especially, beware of the schools that offes a "black belt program" at a cost as it's a scam to take your money.

Mas Oyama

One becomes a beginner after 1000 days of training.  One becomes a master after 10,000 days of practice.

Is Kyokushin Karate as awesome as it seems?

Why yes, yes it is!

Need More Answers?

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