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How do you pronounce Kyokushin?

The pronunciation is Key-yo-ku-shin

It means The Ultimate Truth.

Is Shinkyokushin Karate hard?

Absolutely.  It will definitely challenge you physically and mentally.  Let’s be honest though, would you want it any other way?  Do you really want to spend your precious time and hard-earned money practicing something easy?  Or, would you prefer to study something that could literally change your being?

"Subjecting yourself to vigorous training is more for the sake of forging a resolute spirit that can vanquish the self than it is for developing a strong body."

~ Sosai Mas Oyama

Is Kyokushin Karate Colorado a school?

No, we are not a "school" per se.  We do not except members simply because they want to learn karate and have money.  We are martial arts club whose members are focused on the study of shinkyokushin karate and training for full-contact tournaments.  HOWEVER, you do NOT need to have prior martial arts experience.  You simply need heart, perseverance, drive, and an affinity for working hard and sweating.  If you are willing, our members will teach you.

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Maybe studying a budo martial art such as kyokushin karate is not for you...

Maybe you are just looking to get in shape, loose some weight, or just get the blood flowing.  Or, maybe you are looking to increase your explosiveness, speed, and endurance for a sport that you're passionate about.  Check out our Fitness Member and Sports Member offerings.  Basically, our fitness members train with our dojo members for the stretching, strength, and cardio portion of our training sessions and then complete the session on their own as the dojo members focus on karate.  Basically, you get all the strength, power, and speed of a kyokushin fighter without getting kicked in the head.

Do you teach kids?

At this time, we do not train kids under the age of 16.  Since we run training sessions from 7-9pm, we have found this is typically to late for kids, especially during the school year.  We do hope to implement an earlier training session for kids in the future, but for now we're focused on members 16 and older.

Mas Oyama

One becomes a beginner after 1000 days of training.  One becomes a master after 10,000 days of practice.

Is Kyokushin Karate as awesome as it seems?

Why yes, yes it is!

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