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Preferred Vendors

Our list of vendors that you should trust as much as we do!

Below you will find a list of vendors and service providers that we have worked with, and had such a good experience that we believe everyone should be using them, so please use them often.   And, don't forget to let them know that we sent you!

Andy Chuang, President 

If there is anyone that knows how to run a business right its Andy Chuang of Good Characters.  The research that they put into making sure your characters are correct is amazing.  Additionally, the support that they provide is awesome.  It was a pleasure doing business with them and if you run a dojo and haven’t gone through them for at least your certificate stamps… you are just wrong!  Give Good Characters all your business! 

Ryan Noll, Sales


If you are looking for new mats, please give Ryan a call now.  We searched around for the best deal we could get and Greatmats was the best by far, especially for the high density mats that we need in Karate.  You'll find cheaper out there, but do your research!!!  Be sure to order samples like we did, and you will find a big difference in quality.   Ryan was awesome to work with, shipping was super easy, and we didn't have a single issue with any of our mat tiles.

Mr. Saleem, Proprietor

Goods Karate Sports

Mr. Saleem is a pleasure to work with and his products are top notch!  I'm proud to say, our Gis are not only high quality, but downright beautiful.  I have two of his Gis for over 4-years now with no tears, stitching issues, or holes on the lapel that you get with other vendor's Gis after numerous washings.  I know... it can be stressful sending large sums of cash overseas, wondering what you are going to get... if anything!  Rest assured; you can trust Mr. Saleem to deliver!

Watch their promotional video to learn more!